areas of practice


Our litigation team files and defends select cases in a multiple realm of practice areas. Our grand focus in litigation concerns contractual, business, and entertainment related disputes taking on a strategic approach on knowing when to settle, and when to pursue a verdict.

Entertainment Litigation

Breach of Contract

Publishing Disputes & Renegotiations

Copyright Infringements

Trademark Infringements

Media, Defamation, Name & Likeness

Accounting & Declaratory Actions


Commercial Litigation

General Business Litigation

Partnership Disputes

Employer / Employee Disputes

Breach of Contract

Tortious Interference


General Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Personal Injury Pre-suit & Litigation

Family Law


State & Federal Plaintiff & Defense


What you can expect

Let us fight for you.

If we take on your case, we know we can help and do so passionately in the pursuit of justice. We go by the mission that it is our job to protect the interests of our client through zealous representation to the fullest extent of the law.