Gabriel Fernandez, Esq.​

Partner, Estate & Probate Division

In EPG, you have the ability of changing people’s lives for the better in the most vulnerable of times.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning


Gabriel Fernandez, Esq., is a Florida attorney who has focused his practice in Probate, Estate Planning, and Guardianship. Fernandez gained valuable experience at the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Probate, and Guardianship Division as Case Manager for the Honorable Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis. As Case Manager, Mr. Fernandez focused on the intricacies involved with the estate process and how to avoid the various pitfalls encountered in Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianship. His commitment to his clients is the driving force behind his representation in all matters in the field of estates and guardianships. 

Education & Accolades


Florida International University (Miami, FL)
Political Science (2011)

St. Thomas University (Miami Gardens, FL)
Juris Doctor (2016)

Law School Activities

  • Elder Law Society President (2015 – 2016)


  • The Florida Bar (Admitted April 2017)
  • Southern District of Florida | United States District Court

Serious Results

My strategy and approach ultimately come to the specific practice area that I am in. Specifically, in Estate Planning, my goal is to first plan completely for the person’s life avoiding all guardianship possibilities while maintaining their autonomy so they can enjoy a dignified life for their remaining days. Secondly, I create a plan that will first contemplate minor children and then would move to completely avoid any, and all, probate pitfalls. I then create a safety net for the family with instruction and designation. While this plan is being prepared, I try to foster a relationship that will be ongoing so that the Estate plan stays up to date throughout the person’s life.

In probate and guardianship, I understand that I am representing families in the most vulnerable of situations. Therefore, my initial priority is to understand the family’s wishes and how they would like to proceed with the matter. These cases are delicate as they deal with current real-life circumstances that stem from either death or mental health-related illnesses. 


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