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Our Estate Planning and Guardianship Division is committed to providing strong and competent legal representation on all matters related to estate planning, trusts, probate, and guardianship.  Our firm understands the delicate nature surrounding these particular matters and incorporates a unique, hands-on approach, directly involved with the client to ensure that each matter is treated with the utmost attention to detail and compassion. Hand in hand with its entertainment practice division, our Estate and Guardianship Division helps structure high net worth estates with regards to royalties, entertainment income revenue streams, and general assets for protection and family planning.

Estate plans are comprised of a comprehensive set of documents and tools that detail the assets and property that make up your estate. These estate planning tools protect your estate and your wishes in the event of your incapacitation or death. 

As each individual has their own unique set of circumstances and goals they wish to accomplish, it is imperative to meet with an experienced attorney who can create a comprehensive estate plan that is tailored fit to your specific wishes. An estate plan can include an array of documents and designations, including wills, trusts, ladybird deeds, advance health care directives (living wills), pre-need guardianships, and medical and financial powers of attorney. A properly drafted estate plan should protect the client during his or her life and ensure that his or her assets are properly distributed after their passing.

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Protecting the Legacy of our Clients

A dedicated department for Estate & Probate, helping celebrities, high net worth individuals, and those in need of structuring their estate planning in order to preserve their legacy. 

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You are here, because you need help with your estate, setting up your will and trust, signing a power of attorney, and structuring your legacy. Anybody and everybody that wants to protect their money, should have a will and estate planning documents.  If you die without this, your family will not be taken care of. We are here to help.

Before you book your consultation below, please know the following.

  1. Setting up your estate plan can be complex and sometimes confusing, we understand that. We are here to help.
  2. We charge an initial consultation fee to advise you on your case, this fee gets credited to your account when you hire us. 
  3. When you hire us, we charge you by the hour, by contingency, or a hybrid of both, depending on your case. We will discuss all of this when we go over your case in your consultation.
  4. Our team’s job is to help you understand the process, find your options, and protect you and your family.
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