Our immigration team brings years of experience in a plethora of different scenarios which help guide the client with their immigration process. Our firm’s immigration practice believes in outside-of-the-box thinking in order to best suit the needs of the client. A large part of the practice brings in corporate matters and representation, advising on structuring and acquiring businesses, assets, and investments, to accommodate immigration opportunities within the USA.

Our team has and continues to advise and represent some of international music’s biggest stars on their touring visas, immigrant and non-immigrant petitions, and touring strategies.

Core Services

Our Immigration Law professionals advise and prepare petitions in a wide variety of complex situations, from business immigration to artistic visas and residencies, using the Firm’s business and entertainment practice as a key component to adequately represent and build their clients’ assets in the USA. 


Business Temporary Immigration

There are multiple options for artists, individuals, or businesses looking to do business in the USA on a temporary basis. From meetings and trade shows to cultural performances, we can guide you and help you navigate through your specific situation in order to legally enter the United States of America.

Employment-Based Immigration

We can help individuals with extraordinary abilities, an outstanding academic, or a multinational executive looking to work legally in the United States of America. We also have options for skilled workers, investors, and individuals with special immigration situations.


Family Immigration

US Citizens
Green Card Holders
K1 Finance

Student and Exchange Visitors

We can help guide you through the proper steps if you are looking to start an education endeavor in the United States of America in a University or vocational school.

Shaping the Future for our Clients

Our mission is to service the client with our experience and know-how in immigration strategies to help them shape their future within the USA. We understand the balance of professional growth and family priorities in all options carried out in their immigrant and non-immigrant process.

How can we help?

You are here because you need help with your immigration matters, whether you need to bring a family member to the USA, or you are outside of the USA and need to go over your options to legally come to the USA for personal or business reasons. We are here to help. 

Before you book your consultation below, please know the following. 

  1. Setting up your immigration plan can be complex and sometimes confusing, we understand that. We are here to help.
  2. We charge an initial consultation fee to advise you on your case, this fee gets credited to your account when you hire us.
  3. When you hire us, most immigration cases are flat fees. Sometimes, we charge you by the hour, depending on your case. We will discuss all of this when we go over your case in your consultation.
  4. Our team’s job is to help you understand the process, find your options, and protect you and your family.
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