Our litigation team files and defends select cases in multiple realms of practice areas. We focus on litigating contract, business, and entertainment-related disputes taking on a strategic approach on knowing when to settle, and when to pursue a verdict.

Core Services

Let us fight for you.

If we take on your case, we know we can help and do so passionately in the pursuit of justice. We go by the mission that it is our job to protect the interests of our clients through zealous representation to the fullest extent of the law.

How can we help?

You are here because you need help with a matter that will likely end up (or already is), in court. Conflict, trials, appeals, all can be overwhelming, and you need an aggressive strategy to win your case. We are here to help. 

Before you book your consultation below, please know the following.

  1. Setting up your litigation plan can be complex and sometimes confusing, we understand that. We are here to help.
  2. We charge an initial consultation fee to advise you on your case, this fee gets credited to your account when you hire us.
  3. When you hire us, we charge by the hour, by contingency, or a hybrid of both, depending on your case. We will discuss all of this when we go over your case in your consultation.
  4. Our team’s job is to help fight for your rights, find your options, and pursue justice.
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You understand and agree that you are not creating an attorney/client relationship unless The Hachar Law Group is retained on the particular matter you seek consultation on, by way of a separate retainer.

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